Denotes Healthy Selection
(Lower Fat, Lower Sodium Options)


Dinner (4:30pm-8pm)


Specials | Be Well | Cafe Classics | Mongolian Grill | Little Tomatoes

Salad Station | Grab N Geaux | Soup of the Day | Sweet Sensations


Daily Special: "Taco Bar"

Beef Taco $2.99

Chicken Taco $2.99

Taco Salad $ (weighed and priced with salad bar)

  Be Well

Blackened Chicken Breast  $3.29


Cajun Sugar Snaps  $1.89


Roasted Cauliflower   $1.19

Baked Potato  $2.59


Baked Sweet Potato   $2.09




Cafe Classics


Beef Lasagna   $5.49


Southern Squash Casserole  $1.99


Ratatouille   $1.99


Roasted Rosemary Potatoes  $1.29



  Mongolian Grill          Click Here For Interactive

Daily Menu:

Build a Bowl   $8.99

Double Meat  $10.99

Triple Meat   $12.99

  Little Tomato Pizzeria

Weekly Special:



Daily Menu:

Meat Lovers (Slice) $3.99

Traditional Pepperoni (Slice) $3.69

Cheese  (Slice) $3.09

  Salad Station
  Salad Bar   $0.55 an ounce (Including Specialty Salads)

Weekly Feature:


  Soup of the Day

Chicken Tortilla Soup  $2.49


Vegetable Soup   $1.99

  Grab N Geaux

Fried Crawfish Salad $6.09


Nutty Fruit Salad  $1.59


Peach 1/2 w/ Cottage Cheese  $2.49


Sweet Sensations


Strawberry Dessert  $1.89

(Cal 250, Pro 4g, Fat 5g, Fiber 1g, Carb 36g, Sod 130mg) 


New York Cheesecake  $2.99 Reg & $.99 Mini

(Cal 486, Pro 11g, Fat 34g, Fiber 0g, Carb 34g, Sod 380mg)


Chocolate Cream Pie  $1.69 Reg & $.99 Mini

(Cal 420, Pro 17g, Fat 18g, Fiber 0g, Carb 57g, Sod 250mg)


Peach Cobbler  $2.99

(Cal 552, Pro 3g, Fat 24g, Fiber 3g, Carb 87g, Sod 630mg)



Cycle 4 - Week 2